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Why You Should Hire a Professional Arborist For Tree Removal

By Noel D.

October 26, 2019

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We get it – there is a tendency to do everything on your own because it just seems easier. Hiring out a professional arborist for tree removal can seem like a lot of work. You have to do some due diligence and find out what the best tree removal company in your area is, if they have all of the insurances that they need, and if they do reliable work.

Even though that might not sound like the best way to spend your time, it could be. Trying to take matters into your own hands can be extremely dangerous. On the other hand, hiring a company that doesn’t have professionals can be even worse. You need to ensure that the people you hire are the best of the best – here’s why:

They Are Trained To Do Their Jobs

  • Tree removal is far more complicated than you may believe
  • They are also trained to use tools
  • Ensures all tree removal is done safely

One thing that professional arborists have over anyone else is that they are trained to do their jobs. They have taken classes, watched videos, and practiced their skills. Often, there aren’t second chances when it comes to taking down trees. That is why professionals know all of the steps that they need to take before they even get onto your property, according to Trees Are Good.

Professional arborists should be insured properly. This means that if an accident occurs and they are injured, you will not have to pay the bill. They are protected and so are you. While injuries aren’t common, it is something you need to think about when you hire a company. Those who aren’t professional arborists are less likely to have insurance.

Professionals simply have the eye to notice any problems that could arise and then plan to prevent or eliminate them. At the same time, they are able to problem solve on the fly if something does go wrong.

They Have The Best Tools For Their Jobs

  • Not all tools work for all jobs
  • They know how to use the proper tools
  • Ensure that the job is done effectively

According to Agrilife, hiring an arborist is a good idea because they are the only ones who really know how to use tools. They’ve practiced and have practical experience – there are just some things that you cannot learn how to use them on the internet.

Once again, getting a random company that is not filled with professionals can lead to problems due to their use of improperly maintained and insured tools.

One of the most dangerous tools that professional arborists have is the stump grinder. So many people hurt themselves using that machine because they haven’t been trained how to use it AND because they are using subpar machines. The best of the best machines aren’t available for rent, which means most people cannot get them. Unless you are willing to go buy a stump grinder, which costs quite a bit of money, you run the risk of bodily harm.

They Ensure Trees Are Safe

  • Trees can die as a result of improper techniques
  • Diseases and infestations can easily spread
  • May even save your tree

When trees get pruned or removed, their safety should be of concern. Not just the trees in question, but the trees that surround it as well. For just pruning, using improper techniques can actually make trees sicker. Diseases spread much more easily due to improper methods than they would naturally.

Additionally, a professional arborist may be able to save a tree you thought needed to be removed. Once the professional arborist gets up there, he or she may see signs that the tree isn’t dead. At the same time, they may be able to simply prune the tree so that is has a fighting change.

According to The Pacific Northwest ISA, ” These individuals are uniquely qualified to conduct a risk assessment and provide mitigation options, including removal. Arborists have the skills and equipment to safely and efficiently remove trees.”

They Ensure You Are Safe

  • Use the best technique to avoid property damage
  • Help you to spot other damaged trees
  • Work on preventative maintenance

Taking down trees is dangerous, even if you aren’t the person doing it. If you hire a company that isn’t certified, it is possible that the trees could fall on your home, structures on your property, or even take out power lines. You will be responsible for those insurance costs and cleaning up the mess that comes with it.

Another reason to hire a professional is that they will take a look around as they climb your trees. They may be able to notice problems that you didn’t see before, which can help to keep your property safe. Maybe they’ll spot an infestation before it gets to be too bad or they may spot a dying tree.

Another time you may want to ensure your safety and hire a professional arborist is right after a storm. The Agriculture Society of Michigan explains why: “Storms can cause major damage to limbs or entire trees which can result in damage to other property. These trees need to be removed or trimmed to lessen the long-term damage to the tree and surrounding property. This is dangerous work and an arborist should be hired to perform this job safely.”

Your trees should be important to you. In fact, the trees in your yard may be nondescript, but that can have a huge impact on your life. If your trees are giving you trouble or you are just worried about their health, make sure to contact a tree care professional as soon as possible. At Arbortec Tree Service, we serve the greater Denver area. Give us a call at your earliest convenience at: (303) 466-3175. No matter what, we will treat your trees like they are the most important ones in the area – that’s a promise.

Header photo courtesy of Jocelyn Kinghorn on Flickr!

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