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Why You May Need Root Excavation In Denver, CO

By Noel D.

March 24, 2020

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Many people think that dead trees and roots on their property will quickly decompose and the problem will take care of itself. In some cases, they may; however, it is more likely that those roots will last a long time and cause a lot of problems for you, your yard, your plants, your landscapers, and your other trees.

Root excavation is something from which many yards could benefit. Even if roots won’t cause problems immediately, they will likely create soil and pest problems over time. It is far easier to be proactive about preventing future problems when it comes to tree roots.

Here are some of the problems a build up of tree roots can cause:

Soil Compaction

  • Soil compaction can cause pooling and flooding in your yard
  • Can actually change the chemical make-up of the soil
  • Prevents nutrients from spreading throughout the yard to other plants and trees

One of the biggest concerns associated with keeping your roots intact is soil compaction. This is when the soil becomes extremely dense and it is difficult to move. The soil becomes trapped between the roots and gets extremely hard. This stops the natural flow of water through the ground and can actually dehydrate other trees, according to the University of Minnesota.

If water doesn’t drain from the soil, you get a ton of other problems. This can include pests, disease, rotting, and more. Even if it looks like the soil becomes mud and moves around, it isn’t necessarily doing enough movement to prevent issues.

Over time, soil compaction can also destroy the chemical make-up of the soil, rendering it less fertile.

Invasive Pest Problems

  • Floods can cause rot which invites invasive pests
  • Ants, termites, and more can move into tree roots
  • Often, tree roots intertwine and living trees may get infested

Pest infestations can be especially dangerous if they kill your trees, move into your home, or spread to your neighbors.

Invasive pests like roots because they have a direct connection to the nutrients and water that fuel entire tree systems.

Even worse, roots call to borers, which we always try to avoid. Borers are the hardest invasive species to eliminate. Home Guides explains why the borers go through the roots: “In the case of root and base borers, such as redheaded ash borers (Neoclytus acuminatus), the larvae tunnel into roots where they feed. Look for frass, or the sawdust-like remnants of bark and wood, which is left as a result of tunneling.”

Improper Planting

Credit: XoMEoX
  • People often plant new trees where there are existing roots
  • This can prevent growth and lead to tree death
  • You can remove some roots to trees that are still alive

If you have a tree that is growing but it doesn’t look great, there is a chance that the roots are causing the problem. It could be roots from the tree itself or it could be older roots from trees that have been long gone. If you do not excavate roots before you plant a new tree, you will face many problems, according to the Nebraska Forest Service.

However, few people know that you can actually get roots excavated on living, healthy trees. This is something that should be left up to professionals who knows how to cut roots without causing damage to the integrity of the tree.

Aesthetic Appeal

Credit: judy dean
  • Roots aren’t always aesthetically pleasing
  • They can destroy the lines in your yard
  • Can impact hardscaping and landscaping

Do you have tree roots poking up through the ground in your yard? So many people try to build their livable spaces around roots or they simply don’t do anything to their yards because they don’t want to work around the roots. Root excavation can improve the lines in your yard and lower your landscaping and hardscaping bills. It can be difficult, but the transformation will be worth it – today, tomorrow, and into the future. You’ll be surprised at the difference.

Home Guides explains why roots sometimes need to be removed for cosmetic appeal: “Roots are a vital part of a living and healthy tree. Nutrients and water are absorbed from the ground and transported to the tree through the roots. The roots also anchor the tree against the elements. When a tree is cut, it will oftentimes be necessary to remove surface roots for seeding grass and to improve the appearance of the area. Removing surface tree roots can be hard work; however, the end result is worth the effort.”

If you need to improve your curb appeal, get more livable space out of your yard, or you are simply sick of running over tree roots with your riding mower, it may be time for tree root excavation.

Your trees should be important to you. In fact, the trees in your yard may be nondescript, but that can have a huge impact on your life. If your trees are giving you trouble or you are just worried about their health, make sure to contact a tree care professional as soon as possible. At Arbortec Tree Service, we serve the greater Denver area. Give us a call at your earliest convenience at: (303) 466-3175. No matter what, we will treat your trees like they are the most important ones in the area – that’s a promise.

Header photo courtesy of Tim Green on Flickr!

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