Tree Planting

Adding new beauty to your Denver landscape is always an exciting proposition. The thrill of selecting a tree or shrubs to enhance your existing structure is only part of the fun. Knowing the best tree planting and care methods means your addition has the best opportunity to thrive.

Denver is home to wonderful native selections for your property, and non-natives also add beauty and distinction. However, we have clayish soils, and in some areas, stripped topsoil means lost nutrients could be an issue. People come to us at Arbortec for our tree planting expertise, to give your landscape the best start it can have in life.

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Tree Planting Process Video Series

Planting Considerations

Planting doesn’t start with bringing home the tree or shrub. It doesn’t end when the roots are in the ground, either. We like to think of it as a thoughtful process requiring careful consideration at each phase.

Consider conditions: What is the sun exposure? Is this a windy area? What is the soil structure? What else competes for space or nutrients in this spot?

Think about selection: Is this a specimen tree you want to stand out in your yard, or a hedge of shrubs to hide equipment? What growth habits do you want to achieve and how do those match your selections? How close would the planting area be to overhead utilities, structures, or hardscape?

Care about long term care: How will this tree be watered until it is established? If the plant is a non-native, what special health services or care will it require? How long will it live on average?

As Colorado State Forest Service notes, selecting the right seedling is the secret to planting success. Our Certified Arborists can help you with this decision-making process. We review your needs and the location with the health of the tree or shrub and your safety and budget in mind.

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Time to Plant

Once you have made your choices, it’s time to plant. Here’s more to consider.

Hole size and depth: Different root structures require varying hole widths, depths and structures. Adding organic matter may be required if the soil quality is not healthy for the plant.

Bracing for growth: Most trees benefit from supports for the first years of life. However, it’s more than sticking a couple of poles in the ground and pulling string between them. Height matters, as does the kind of tying system you use.

Watering needs: Not all trees or shrubs require the same watering schedule or amount. Too much is often as bad as too little. Know how to check for what that plant requires and check the soil for absorption.

Long term care: Based on what you want the mature tree to look like, occasional trimming may be needed. It may need supplemented nutrients for a period based on the soil. You will also want to know what pests or problems to watch for.

In all cases, you want a plan to ensure the money you spend on these landscape additions is cash well spent. That means understanding how you as the steward of your landscape can make the best use of your time and effort to help this new tree to thrive.

At our tree service in Denver, CO, we select, deliver, and plant new trees and shrubs, from seedlings to saplings and young trees, to enhance your landscape. We instruct you in early life care and stand by our one-year warranty on those plant materials when those processes our followed. Call us today to learn more.

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