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Spring Checklist For Your Trees

By Caitlin W.

March 31, 2022

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Prepare Your Yard For Spring

Colorado is heading out of Winter and into Spring. That means it’s time to set your trees and shrubs up for success! The best way to protect your landscape is to be proactive. Arbortec Tree Service has a few helpful tips for preparing your trees to flourish in Spring, as well as getting ready for the warmer Summer months ahead.

Clear The Area Around Your Trees

Leaves, twigs, and other debris have likely gathered around your trees. Insects, disease, rodents, and other tree hazards love when you leave debris and trash unattended to. Raking or otherwise removing debris is a simple but effective step in Spring preparation for your trees. With a little time and effort you can reduce the risk of pests or disease re-infesting your tree. You may even save yourself money down the road in costly treatments.

Check Your Mulch

How does the mulching around your trees look? Has your mulch eroded away or been lost in inclement weather? Maintaining a good supply of mulch around the tree provides necessary nutrients to the soil and helps to regulate the amount of water around the trunk. Don’t be alarmed if your mulching looks to be decaying. Decomposition of mulch is normal and needed in order to release the nutrients used to help your trees thrive. New mulch simply needs to be added to the decomposing, old mulch so this reserve of nutrients does not run dry. Arbortec Tree Service provides a delivery service on mulch! Call (303) 466-3175 or email us today for more information.

Prune Your Trees

Tree pruning at the end of winter and beginning of spring encourages growth in your trees. Like the old adage “Out with the old, in with the new,” by removing the deadwood and limbs damaged in winter, you send a message to the tree that it has plenty of surplus energy for growth. If you’re looking to help a tree, especially a young one, grow more quickly and fully now is the time for pruning.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to suppress a tree’s growth, you can wait until later in the year to prune. A summer or fall prune sends a message to the tree to suppress its growth, causing near-future growth to slow. It’s important to note this would require a new prune every year to keep up, but a later-year prune can help alleviate your concerns on a tree whose growth is overtaking other trees or a neighbor’s property.

If you opt for a later-season prune, it’s still advisable you have the deadwood that’s accrued over winter removed from your trees. This deadwood is liable to break off and fall from the tree at any time regardless of human intentions. Falling tree limbs can potentially causing injuries to people or damage to property.

Apply Fertilizer To Your Trees

Fertilizers are a shot of energy to your spring-time trees after the winter has taken its toll and most of your tree’s nutrients. Rapid replenishment of nutrients is an excellent way to stimulate tree growth, and can help you get your trees looking full faster. In addition, fertilizer straight out of winter also helps your tree recover from any hidden issues it may have gone through over the cold months, such as nutrient deficiency or damage from nesting animals. Arbortec Tree Service’s fertilizer treatments include Mychorizae – a natural, incredible substance that is known to be hugely beneficial to Colorado trees.

Speaking of replenishing what was lost in winter, ensure you are watering your trees well coming out of winter. With the hot days to come here in Colorado every bit of water you can get to your trees counts. Winter is hard on the water reserves of Colorado trees. With our current weather patterns naturally occurring rain and snow is not enough!

Contact Arbortec Tree Service For Assistance

If you are in need of assistance with any of the above, we are happy to be of service. You can enlist our services in pruning, fertilizing, as well as mulch and planting advisement. We even provide firewood for your fire pit or camping trip. Give us a call at (303) 466-3175 or email at today.

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