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How To Stop Sprouts From Stumps And Trees

By Caitlin W.

June 30, 2020

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Around this time of year we start getting a lot of questions about sucker growth in people’s yards.

So what is sucker growth? You may see these small sprouts when you have a tree removed. They are identifiable by small bits of growth that sprout from a stump or near the roots of a tree. The key is in how to stop tree sucker growth once it’s arrived.

When you remove a tree from your yard there is leftover energy in the roots or stump that remain. Because the leftover parts of the tree still contain energy, what remains of the tree puts out these root suckers and stump sprouts, called sucker growths, in an attempt to add leaf surface so it may photosynthesize and survive.

Removing Sucker Growth

Seeing this sort of sprout growth is normal and easily dealt with. So how do you stop tree sprouts from a stump or old roots?

In most cases, you can mow sucker growth away. For those hard to reach or stubborn sucker growths, it is also possible to use a selective weed control spray in affected grassy areas to eliminate the issue.

In the case of planting beds and areas that see heavy water, a non-selective spray achieves the same result. If using a non-selective spray, use a swab applicator to direct the chemical exactly on the sucker. If you’re not careful about application of a non-selective spray, it can cause damage to nearby plants or trees.

Not a fan of chemicals? For an at-home solution, vinegar will burn a freshly cut sucker stem to help with control. Just ensure you are cutting away the stem of the sucker before applying vinegar.

The key when using a spray or vinegar is patience. It may not appear to work the first time, but reapply the spray within a few days and you will begin to see results.

In time, the tree roots will run out of energy when they are unable to photosynthesize. Make the effort to combat them and you will quickly see the end of sucker growth in the form of root suckers or stump sprouts.

Controlling Sprouts From Living Trees

A living tree can sprout sucker growth without being cut down to a stump or root system. In this case, you will want to control these growths. These suckers are alien to your tree, and can cause harm to your trees by stealing important nutrients. Prevention is the best measure to take, but if you find yourself with sucker growth on a living tree, growth removal is the next step.

Similarly, sprout growth occurs to your trees when they have been damaged or pruned. Notably, sprouts can grow in wide bushy leaves midway up the trunk of an Ash tree if it has been infested with Emerald Ash Borer. If you find this sort of growth on your ash trees, then you will need to have a professional inspect and treat the tree.

It’s worth noting if you have sucker growth originating from any part of a tree or plant do NOT apply an herbicide to attempt to control the growth. You can damage the parent tree or plant by attempting to control these sorts of suckers with herbicide.

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