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The biggest tree isn't always the best tree. Arbortec Tree Service talks about the most important factors to be considered while picking a new tree for planting.

Arbortec Tree Service on Ball-and-Burlap vs. Container Grown trees. We answer: Which is the superior choice, and why?

Colorado's ecosystem isn't the most friendly place for trees. Arbortec Tree Service talks the built environment around our urban forests and what we can do before planting to help our local trees.

Arbortec Tree Service on why Tree and Plant Healthcare are integral to the longevity of your trees.

Watch Arbortec perform a Stump Grind and find out why you may need one.

Arbortec Tree Service walks through one of the most important tree services for our community: Tree Planting.

Arbortec Tree Service performing a pruning.

Watch us at work as we perform a crane-assisted tree removal.

Overview of Arbortec Tree Service

Arbortec Tree Service removing a tree to save the bees for the City of Westminster.

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