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Best Trees For Small Yards

By Noel D.

July 24, 2019

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If you have a small yard, you know how difficult it can be to find a tree that really stands out and makes itself known without making itself too known.

Small trees aren’t always popular choices because if people want a tree in their yards, they often want a larger tree that will take up space. Part of this is because we think that the bigger a tree is, the more impressive it is. That doesn’t have to be the case!

There are many, many trees that you can plant in your small yard that will still look great and be impressive – without making you feel too cramped or causing any structural issues.

Here are our choices for the best trees for small yards:

Japanese Tree Lilac

  • One of the most beautiful trees you can buy
  • Grows fairly quickly
  • Many different shape options

One of the smallest trees that you can put in your yard is the Japanese Tree Lilac. This is a true lilac shape that has a globular shape but is much taller than some of the other flowering shrubs that you may have known from before. These trees, in particular, can grow to be 15 to 20 feet tall and wide.

One of the most significant reasons people plant these trees is because they are quite easy to take care of in all seasons. They are drought tolerant once they have been established, according to the Bernheim Forest.

We say that Japanese Tree Lilacs are among the most beautiful trees that you can own because of the creamy white flowers that you see in late June. Along with the beauty, they smell quite good and it will completely fill a small yard.

Red Buckeye

  • Also known as Scarlet Buckeye and Firecracker Plant
  • Part of the horse-chestnut family
  • Native all over the country

One of the best trees to plant anywhere, the Red Buckeye is a particularly beautiful and showy shrub or small tree. It has deep red or yellow flowers in the early spring that will attract quite a bit of attention. The flowers themselves come in clusters, so they provide some much-needed color to smaller yards.

Once the flowers fall, the trees themselves are a glossy dark green on top with a whitish underside.

For some planting tips, consider these from Wildflower.org: ” It is normal for this plant to drop its leaves by the end of summer, so try to place it where it will be highly visible in the early spring but less noticeable after it drops its leaves. The seeds and young shoots are poisonous if ingested, and indigenous people crushed these parts and put them in water to stupefy fish for easier capture. Soap may be obtained from the roots and a black dye from the wood. The species name, pavia, is in honor of Peter Paaw, a 16th century Dutch botanist. “


  • Great to plant near other fruit trees
  • Related to standard orchard apple
  • Quite beautiful – despite the name

If you are the type of person who has many fruits, flowers, and trees in your yard, one of the best things that you can plant or put in your yard is a crabapple tree. These trees bring in many bees and other insects that will pollinate your plants and ensure that you have a beautiful garden because it flowers much earlier than other trees and plants, according to Attainable, Sustainable.

One thing you do have to be careful about is that there are different varieties of crabapple tree, so you want to choose the ones that are better suited for smaller yards. With careful pruning, everything should be fine. To be careful, the Doglo variety is a great choice.

Golden Raintree

  • Quite easy once established
  • Requires regular watering
  • Requires full sun

If you have an open backyard with quite a bit of sun, the Golden Raintree can be one of the best trees you can plant in your yard. It will be quite showy but it doesn’t require a lot of work.

This one blooms in the late summer, so it is likely to be one of the only trees that is blooming at the time, ensuring that it will be the talk of the neighborhood.

According to Monrovia, ” Excellent shade tree, known for its neat habit and well-behaved root system. Medium-sized, open-branched form is ideal for parkways and patios. Blue-green foliage has nice fall color. Long panicles of fragrant flowers are followed by attractive, papery, lantern-like seed pods. A very effective and versatile landscape specimen. Deciduous.”

Having a small yard doesn’t mean that you can’t have some fun with it. Whether this means that you plant trees that are somewhat unusual or special or it could mean landscaping in a unique and interesting way. The sky is the limit! You just want to ensure that you are planting trees that will be healthy and happy in our climate. You may also want to get your soil tested and ensure that you have a suitable yard for it.

Other things you may want to look for? Ensure that the tree doesn’t have roots that spread too far, is safe to grow near roads, and won’t harm your children or animals.

If you are worried about your trees or you see something that just doesn’t look right, make sure to give Arbortec Tree Service a call at (303) 466-3175. While you can certainly watch over your trees and love them, there is nothing that beats the practiced hand of professionals. We can help you to take care of your fruit trees so that you get the best possible yields (and the tastiest).

Header photo courtesy of  normanack on Flickr!

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