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Arbortec Tree Service would like to provide this additional method of approving a quote (proposal) for our customers. Please provide all required fields in the form and add as much information as you can about your concerns or questions in the “Any additional instructions” space provided.

Arbortec Tree Service will contact you via the preferred method for scheduling of your work as soon as possible.

Approval can always be made by contacting us via phone if you prefer, thank you for the opportunity to earn your trust. (303) 466-3175.

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    Contact and Scheduling

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    I accept the Terms and Conditions stated below (click plus to view) and to pay the agreed upon dollar amount upon completion of the work as outlined in the proposal written by Arbortec Tree Service. I understand that this proposal price is valid for 60 days.

    Terms & Conditions

    General Terms and Conditions

    Arbortec Tree Service makes a reasonable effort to ensure that their diagnoses are correct and recommended treatment options are appropriate and applied according to accepted industry guidelines. However, there are no express or implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose on our treatments. The diagnostic service includes only a visual inspection of accessible components for the purpose of determining ley stressors and shall not be considered a tree risk assessment. Risk assessment involves more extensive inspections and are conducted as a separate work item at an additional fee.


    Arbortec Tree Service is insured for liability resulting from injury to persons or property, and all of its employees are covered by Worker’s Compensation insurance.

    Professional Standards

    Arbortec Tree Service performs all of our work in a safe and professional manner according to ANSI 300 Standards

    Job approval

    By Verbal, Email and written approval for job scheduling the customer agrees they have read and Agree to our terms and conditions.

    Scope of work/pricing

    Arbortec reserves the right to change or amend the scope of work and pricing on any proposal up until the time of work. The customer will be provided an updated, written proposal with the changes for approval before the job is begun.

    Job Site

    Customers may not enter the job site (the entire property) during the work unless invited or approved by the Crew Leader on site. Customers entering the property/job site are at risk of injury and do so at their own risk and Arbortec Tree Service will not be liable for damages.

    Driveways, Lawns and Underground Utilities

    Arbortec Tree Service assumes no liabilities or responsibilities for any cracking, breaking, puncturing, depressing, or any other damage to any driveway, patio, lawn or any other paved, bricked, stoned, concrete, or asphalted surface resulting from trucks and equipment being used to access the job. If you do not want us to use your driveway, let us know!

    Arbortec Tree Service is not responsible for damage to irrigation lines, drain lines, invisible fences, cables, or any other underground utilities unless the systems are accurately marked and mapped by the client and a copy is presented to Arbortec Tree Service Inc. before the work is performed.

    Concealed Contingencies/Time & Materials

    Any additional work or equipment required to complete the work in the Proposal, caused by the customer’s failure to make known conditions or caused by previously unknown conditions such as, subsequent crown die back, unseen decay or weak limbs, foreign material in the trunk, the branches, underground, or any other condition not apparent in estimating the work specified, shall be paid for by the Customer on a time and material basis.

    Client Responsibilities

    Client affirms that all trees and vegetation upon which work is to be performed are owned by the client, or that authorization for the work has been obtained from the rightful property. Client shall be responsible for compensating Arbortec Tree Service Inc. for any and all damages collected against Arbortec Tree Service Inc. by any third party demonstrating actual ownership of the trees and vegetation upon which the work was performed. Client is responsible for obtaining and paying for all required local permits required to perform work described in this proposal. Payment is to be received upon completion of the work and receipt of invoice. In the event that the scope of the work changes, Arbortec Tree Service Inc. will be paid for all items on this proposal that have been completed. Both the Client and Arbortec Tree Service agree to attempt to work out any disputes regarding this agreement through direct negotiation and/or mediation prior to seeking any other legal remedy.


    Unless otherwise noted in the Proposal, the Customer agrees to pay the account in full upon completion of work. Failure to remit full payment within 14 days will result in a $25 late fee. A finance charge of 2% per month will be assessed if payment is received after 30 days from date work is completed. There will be an additional $45 fee charged for all checks returned for non-sufficient funds. The Customer agrees to pay all collections costs, including, without limitation, any legal fees and expenses incurred in connection with the collection of a past due account. In the event of any nonpayment by the Customer hereunder, ARBORTEC TREE SERVICE may suspend further performance immediately under this Agreement.

    Cancellation Fee

    The Customer must provide at least 24 hour advanced notice of any full or partial work cancellation. If notice is not received at least 24 hours prior, Customer will be charged a $150 cancellation fee.

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