February 28


All About Oak Trees: The Ultimate In Shade And Privacy

By Caitlin W.

February 28, 2022

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Trees are excellent tools in a homeowner’s landscaping arsenal for the shade and privacy they provide. Among the trees that do this best, the Oak stands tall as an incredible choice for the discerning tree owner.

Oak trees are a criminally underutilized tree in our area of Colorado. Between their natural aesthetic and retention of leaves by many species through the coldest months, Oak trees are a great choice for planting your next shade or privacy tree. To add to this, Oaks are hardy and many species of Oak naturally thrive in our local area.

Unique Traits of Oak Trees

Leafless Northern Red Oak in Winter
Northern Red Oak
Credit: Arbortec Tree Service

Abscission, the natural shedding of leaves from most deciduous trees during the Winter months, does NOT occur in all species of Oak tree. It depends upon the species of Oak, but your tree may retain its browned leaves through the whole of Winter, while other Oaks will go through normal leaf fall observed in most deciduous trees.

For example, you’ve likely seen many Live Oak in our Colorado communities. Dropping its leaves late into Winter, you will notice your Live Oak becoming bare around February. By contrast, the English Oak is prone to retaining most of its browned leaves through Winter and into Spring.

Best Oak Trees For Colorado

According to PlantTalk of Colorado State University, a variety of Oaks are well suited to our area of Colorado. Specifically, you will find Bur Oak, English Oak, Northern Red Oak, and Swamp White Oak as Oak trees best suited to thriving in Colorado’s climate and conditions without being invasive or destructive to our native environment. Additionally, Gambel Oak is native to Colorado and absolutely thrives here. The Gambel Oak usually grows in the shape of a shrub, but attentive care and watering can yield a Gambel Oak that grows more treelike.

Brown leafed Columnar English Oak in Winter
Columnar English Oak
Credit: Arbortec Tree Service

Have a tight space that a regular Oak would grow too large for? A Columnar variety of Oak, such as the Columnar English Oak, is thin, conical, and perfect for tighter spaces where you wish to retain privacy and shade with little room to spare.

Are you in need of privacy and shade? Looking for a hardy tree that can be planted in areas of various sizes? Consider the Oak! If you’re looking for planting assistance or advisement for your yard we are here to help. Hop over to our Request a Quote page or call (303) 466-3175 today to get a Free Estimate!

Header Photo Credit: Whitney Cranshaw, Colorado State University, Bugwood.org

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