Trust the People Who Care.

The challenge of any business, early on, is to identify itself in the marketplace. Who are we? What do we do? How is it different? All are questions that need to be answered.

Most companies try to answer these questions in a Slogan or a Motto or a Value statement that communicates everything they stand for with just a few words. This is very difficult to do although quite simple in it’s concept.

Arbortec had the Slogan of “Treemendous Quality” since about 2002, but it was hidden and not prominently displayed because I was kind of embarrassed by the corniness of it and I stole the idea off a bumper sticker that said “Arborists are Treemendous” I know…..Lame.

After some thought lately I came up with the “Trust the People Who Care” slogan, which at it’s core, is what I have tried to do without knowing it for such a long time (23 years). I have always cared about every part of the tree service and what kind of work we delivered and I realized customers bought our services because they trusted us because they thought we cared about what we did. It was very simple but didn’t have the word “tree” or “best” or any hard hitting verbiage in it, but it was still right and true to what I was as a business owner and what we are as a company.

Dennis Shea 2014

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