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Arbortec Tree Service in Denver, Colorado is a Full Service Tree Care Company, established in 1989 and serving the North-Metro Denver Area. Our business is built around honesty, integrity and an emphasis on the value of our customers’ needs and our great employees who CARE about Trees.

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Tree Service in Denver, Colorado

The following are some of the services performed by Arbortec Tree Service

  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree Removal
  • Shrub Pruning
  • Stump Grinding
  • Tree Planting
  • Plant Health Care
  • Cabling & Bracing
  • Root Excavation/Decompaction
  • Consultations


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Tree Removal

Your trees and landscape are an important asset to your property. Our first hope is always to rehabilitate your trees in a manner that is both safe and aesthetically pleasing. That’s why we consider tree removal in Denver, CO the final solution only after we have assessed all other options to save your vegetation.

In some cases, it might appear a tree only needs a slight trimming to address broken branches or other damage. However, the cause of that problem must first be determined. Pest infestation, disease or other permanent damage may result in a tree that is unstable and cannot be saved.

When a tree might be a danger to your family and property, we offer safe, reliable tree removal services. Our International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborists diligently examine the site conditions and tailor our estimate for safe removal. The videos here on our website will show you some examples of how a tree removal is performed.

We never low-bid or cut corners on removal jobs. Our crews have state-of-the-art tools, equipment and advanced training to remove the tree safely, including technical crane removals when necessary. The post-job condition of our customers’ properties and our employees’ safety are the factors we consider most important.

Call us for an appointment with an expert Certified Arborist about your Denver trees and plants. You will receive a detailed explanation of the tree removal process we believe will best serve your needs, along with a free estimate of recommended services.

Tree Trimming

Some companies will come to your door and offer to cut branches off your tree or top it as a method of keeping it small. Their concern is not the long-term health of the tree or your enjoyment of its beauty. Ours is!

At Arbortec, we pride ourselves on trimming and pruning done right, to create a living legacy on your property. This means maintaining the structure of your tree to ensure its ability to thrive. We know appearance equates to value.

Trees have a remarkable ability to heal themselves under most normal conditions. However, pruning done wrong leaves exposed wounds susceptible to diseases and invasive insects. A tree needs both a healthy upper story and strong roots to survive. Trimming with that balance in mind is a key to maintaining its health.

Our tree trimming and pruning methods are based on all current standards to optimize your tree’s health. These standards assure you that our methods and techniques are based on science and tested practices in wellness care for your trees and plants. Our professional arborists prune with growth timing, physiology, health and liability in mind to maximize tree and shrub health and value to your landscape.

When you hire an Arbortec arborist for your tree pruning, you can rest assured we first assess the tree for dangers and diseases. Our strong safety culture extends to your property. Call Arbortec Tree Service, experienced tree service in Denver. We can get you answers for your tree trimming questions, as well as care for your trees as if they were our own.

Stump Grinding and Stump Removal

When the above-ground tree removal work is done, a structure still exists underground. Trees’ roots extend beyond their former driplines. Often roots are as large as the trunk and stems were above.

Assuring the area can be used for a new purpose in the future means removing the stump. In some cases, a tree may attempt to regrow from the remaining root system. Stump grinding removes any remaining above-ground portion of the tree trunk and flare roots to 10 inches below grade.

This is not a weekend project for you as a homeowner, not with a rented stump grinder and not with an ax. The equipment can be hazardous to those operating it, the surrounding structures, underground utilities, and nearby vegetation.

Our crews are experienced in protecting your family, your property and the vicinity. Our crews utilize the safety recommendations of the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA). Call Arbortec Tree Service in Denver to learn how we can reliably grind that stump and offer you a place to turn your landscape into something beautiful again.

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Storm Damage Cleanup

Storms of many kinds are not unusual in the Denver, Colorado area, and with them comes storm-related damage to trees and landscapes. Wind exposes weaknesses in stems and roots. Heavy snow or freezing cracks branches. Drought periods and sunscald expose usually resilient trees to pests and diseases.

Often the problem is not obvious to the untrained eye. A broken branch can be a symptom of a bigger issue with that tree. Our Certified Arborists inspect the tree not only for restorative services, but also determine if there are problems requiring other treatments or care.

We offer the full range of storm damage cleanup & mitigation. From cleanup of debris and pruning and trimming, through complete tree removal and stump grinding, to helping you select a new centerpiece for the site and planting it, we do it all. It’s because of this commitment to your landscape that we can assure you happy results.

We’ll take care of any storm damage to your trees, plants and landscape. No project is too small, and we do large debris removals as well. Call Arbortec after that next storm hits and leave the tree cleanup process safely in our hands.

Other Tree Care Services

We are a full-service arboriculture company – and fanatics about trees! Our service area covers Denver metro, north suburbs, and southwest Boulder County.

In addition to the detailed descriptions above, we provide chemical applications for pest control (like EAB infestations), fertilization, spraying, tree planting, cabling & bracing, root excavationtree health care plans, and tree risk assessments. Call us for any of your Denver tree service needs.

Why You Should Call Arbortec First

We are a professional tree preservation company with employees certified by the ISA and TCIA in tree care and safety. This means we do all we can to support our urban forest by maintaining and improving the quality of life for our customers. Our values can be summed up in one phrase: “Trust the people who care.”

You’ll see our values expressed by the employees coming to your property to do the work. They care to produce the right outcome. They combine morals, ethics, passion and selflessness in their work. Their pride in your landscape means they take the extra care to make sure every job is done well the first time.

At Arbortec, we guarantee customer satisfaction. We immediately address and resolve any problems. We listen to your goals for your trees and do all we can to meet them, through good preservation, maintenance and restoration approaches.

If you are looking for an experienced tree service in the Denver metro area, call Arbortec Tree Service today for a free assessment of how your trees can benefit from your stewardship of a pleasing and lasting landscape.

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